Earthing (Grounding)

Earthing (Grounding)

What is earthing (grounding)?

It is a simple act of making contact with the Earth in various means for example walking barefoot, sitting, or lying on the ground, grass or beach. Swimming in a lake or ocean has the same benefits.

So what happens exactly when you earth / ground?  When our skins comes in contact with the ground, our bodies become like sponges soaking up the negatively charged electrons from the earth, filling us with healthy benefits.

Studies have shown that earthing (grounding) has serious health benefits of which include:

-       Diffusing oxidative stress

-       Neutralises free radicals

-       Supports the immune system

-       Reduces pain

-       Influences our own healing abilities

-       Reduce inflammation

-       Improves blood flow

Commercial equipment of earthing is also available in the forms of mats, sheets and other items if you are not able to reconnect with nature as often as you would like.

Get grounded whichever way you like :-) as long as it is for a minimum of 30 minutes a day or where possible, by doing this we are reaping health benefits from one place that has provided us with a sturdy foundation from which we are to blossom, grow, create and live.

Busy removing your shoes….

Go “plug” into Mother Nature’s healing energy.

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