Lemongrass essential oil and dishwashers….

Lemongrass essential oil and dishwashers….

Dishwashers are a little luxury which provides us with more time in order to get more of the things done on our lists…. Truth be told they are a lifesaver on one hand but the nasty side of dishwashers can also ruin that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dishwasher and won’t be able to do everything I do if I still had to spend hours doing manual washing of dishes.

Lemongrass essential oil was chosen as the oil that we wanted to use in the natural dishwasher tablets due to its following abilities:

·        It is a powerful antifungal – which means it prevents fungal growth.

·        It is anti-infectious – which means it is capable of fighting against infection

·        It is antimicrobial – which means it is active against microbes

·        It is antiseptic – prevents the growth of disease causing microorganisms

·        Bonus point it smells great


So now you are asking why we do need all these for a dishwasher….The items in the dishwasher was either used to prepare raw food, cooked food or was used to eat out of or with, same goes for cups / mugs / jugs, etc. Which means that we need something that is powerful enough to destroy all of the things mentioned above and still clean the machine while doing so in order to prevent any bacteria / fungal or infections.

As with all the things we love, they need to be taken care of in order to be able to do the same for us, right? So how do you show love to your dishwasher? By cleaning them every so often (especially if you are using natural products).

Do this by cleaning the inside of the dishwasher every so often. We remove the trap (grid like thing that traps all food particles at bottom of the dishwasher floor) clean that with a brush and hot water and soap to remove any old food particles. Replace the trap and literally throw a cup of baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher, close the door and run a hot quick cycle. When that cycle is done pour a full cup of vinegar and place the cup on the top shelf and run the same cycle. Once this has been done your dishwasher should be sparkly clean and odourless. Ready to assist you again with your next load.


Happy dishwasher days!!

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