Pre-soak clothing: put 125 ml into basin, fill halfway with warm water add clothing and let the bubbles do their magic.

General cleaning: dissolve +- 2 tablespoons into 5 litres of warm water use to clean / disinfect where needed.

The bubbles will be active for +- 4 hours, so use as needed.


Other uses:

Clean toilets, throw 15 ml straight into bowl and let is sit until all bubbles are gone, flush.

Remove burnt food from pots / pans by sprinkling the powder into pots / pans and cover with boiling water.

Clean oven racks, mix as above and add oven racks to mixture for a good while, wipe away dirt, repeat if needed.

Struggling to get heavy soiled dishes clean, try adding +- 1 tablespoon to dishwasher tablet compartment to assist.

Give life to your faded colours / white items again, remove armpit stains by soaking and giving them a good wash after.

Remove rust from stainless steel items – place item in mixture, remove and wipe off.

Clean tile grout, mix as per general cleaning guide above, use a nail brush to clean off the dirt from the grout giving your tiles a new feel :-)

Keep out of direct sunlight, in an airtight container.

Keep of out reach of children. Not to be ingested, external use only.


Sodium Percarbonate. 

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