Growing up the word cancer was part of the family, as was chemo and hospitals. After getting married, cancer knocked on the door inviting herself in once again. After kicking cancer’s butt out of the house, the quest for knowledge started, growing up with cancer in the household and witnessing it again being older you start questioning why, how and why we are being indoctrinated they way we were. When I became a mother I knew that the goods being sold at the local supermarket would never touch my kid’s bodies and that is where we started.

Our goods are handmade and only tested on willing friends and family never on animals (even though some family members might fall into that category :-) just kidding)!!!

Big thank you shout out to these willing peeps. 

Honesty is our best policy, we provide you with all the information needed for you to be able to make the best informed choices for you and yours.We love the fact that more people are choosing “green / safer” products, and that we can be a part of that.

If you are still unsure about “what green” means to you please feel free to read what is safer / greener page for you to understand and decide according to your definitions and beliefs.

Join the slow revolution and have fun as life is too short not too!!!

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