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Dishwasher Tablets

Price R107.00
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The all natural way to clean crockery and kitchen utensils.

No harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. Use as you would any other dishwasher tablets.

To be used in conjunction with normal dishwasher salts and rinse aid.

Contains 30 tablets

Now available in either a plastic container or the new biodegradable bagasse - please select your option

Laundry Suds (Laundry powder)

Price R125.00
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Natural UNSCENTED laundry powder that is biodegradable, contains no sulphates or phthalates and it compatible with grey water systems :-)



It is safe for all our waterways (ocean, dams, rivers, lakes) and everything in between.

Suitable for sensitive / allergy prone skins.

Machine or hand washing, made with natural ingredients that effectively cleanses without the nasty chemicals, fillers, synthetic fragrances and all that gunk.


1.5 kg's packed into a recyclable kraft pouch - remove label and recycle.

Natural Oxy Bleach

Price R110.00
Availability: Out of stock

Sodium percarbonate broken down in layman terms = washing soda and hydrogen peroxide.


Nobody can deny the cleaning power of these two items especially if they are added together. A powerhouse of natural cleaning.

This is such a versatile product and has so many uses.


1.5 kg's packed into recyclable kraft paper pouch – remove label and recycle

Soft Laundry

Price R92.00
Availability: Out of stock

Who does not love soft blankets, towels and clothing?

There are no chemicals in this laundry softener, no artificial scents (fragrances) that can cause allergies or skin reactions. Just pure natural softness.

Soft Laundry is biodegradable, grey water safe, contains no sulphates or phthalates so it is 100% safe for our oceans / waterways.

Clothing will dry scent free

1.5 kg's packed into a recyclable kraft pouch - remove label and recycle.

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